Zweiter Beitrag Philip Matesic und Silvan Kälin

Entering as outsiders simultaneously
enthralled and reserved
not expecting us
but we suspected they
had heard something
missing on a gallery wall
was what we both wanted
a seeing and getting to know
our feelers out mixed with
white smiles!
letting us in bringing
us closer
to what we didn’t know
our intention was were
still, is as we met

Entering again
as outsiders with more of an in
sharing coffee
in frozen-fingered mugs
led from one idea
to another
to a curiosity
to meet with the gazer
gazing over and up
I couldn’t feel my toes
wool hats
pulled over eyebrows
then splitting dark chocolate
waiting anxiously
yet listen
yes meeting those with a view
looking into our living
room, coffee cups empty

Systematically ringing, artists
Perceived more as salesmen
from an invisible behind
sealed doors numbing
in gray stairs and doorbells
chime us out
and for you a pizza party!
but with those unknown
those in your daily look-over
rushing out from behind comes N.
a scented cloud going out
he was all for it and in

directly to the leather
cold beer clinking
the outside inside-out
empty bottles overflowing
to more questions left unanswered
hopefully to be met
answered in the round

Flaming barrel
before and after
in between courses
questions asked
organically matched
outside a man runs by
in a red shirt
daily occurrences
cracked, taped glass table
corners a clear divide
in age gender
in roofs, a table of seven smiles
gently roaring swallowing
opening and filling
then walk the stairs
up to look out
down to look up

Mini built-in chimneys
begging for a burn
drink smoking sky
a beginning slowly turning,
inside-out outside
we left
knowing the others’ view

-Philip Matesic / 21.12.2011


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